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Infrared Photography In The Bahamas

Recently, I took a trip to Harbour Island. This island is on the Northern edge of Eleuthera, which is in the Bahamas. The island is said to be “the next St. Barth’s”. Well if it is, buy now. What I did bring on this trip was my infrared system.

When I was in college I loved shooting 4×5″ infrared film. It was really tricky to shoot because the focusing of infrared light is different. Infrared light is a range above the normal light spectrum and the human eye doesn’t see it. You have to focus your lens differently and when looking through the lens, it looks out of focus. Check out the images below, it’s pretty intense and I love it.

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A Celebration of Life

I was given the honor to photograph a Celebration of Life or Funeral last week. I have photographed nearly 1000 weddings and this event was more emotional and inspiring than any of the fabulous weddings I have captured. Maybe it was because I have lost many family and friends over the years, either way I loved the challenge. My friend Michele Butler was the event planner and she herself has also lost some very important people in her life. The celebration was at The Alfond Inn . These images are just a few from the day.





































My Travel to Havana Cuba

I had once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Havana Cuba.  Travel to Cuba is strictly limited by the US Embargo, in accordance regulations governed by the US Department Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control.  Only a select few individuals and groups are able to legally travel to Cuba and the process of arranging that travel is complicated. As a professional photographer I have always wanted to travel to Cuba to photograph the island.

A view from my hotel room.

A view from my hotel room.

Views from the roof of the Bacardi building overlooking Havana

Views from the roof of the Bacardi building overlooking Havana



Havana, Cuba

We took a tour of Ernest Hemingway’s house and it was absolutely beautiful.

Hemingway's home just outside Havana

Hemingway’s home just outside Havana


Hemingway's fishing boat.

Hemingway’s fishing boat.


His typewriter

His typewriter

I brought my Nikon and a few lenses.  I also brought my iPhone.  In some areas cameras were restricted so I grabbed some undercover images.

Images from my iPhone

Images from my iPhone

Cigar Factory. No cameras allowed.
Cigar Factory. No cameras allowed.

Live music was everywhere.

Live music was everywhere.

Roof top bar's view.

Roof top bar’s view.

iPhone_Pix_Cuba_067iPhone_Pix_Cuba_096iPhone_Pix_Cuba_050iPhone_Pix_Cuba_007I also brought a shift lens that gives the images a “miniature” look.










The old cars from the 50s were all over Havana. These cards have been pieced together with parts from all over the world. The mechanics in Havana are pretty amazing. There is a misconception that all the taxis are these old cars however, that’s not the case. You can rent a brand new Kia or Hyundai at the airport. Unrue_Pix_FA_008



I visited the Gaudi inspired neighborhood of a mosaic tile artist Jose Fuster. He has turned his entire neighborhood in a mosaic project.













I will be traveling back to keep in November 4-8th 2013. I’m helping the tour company plan a photo Safari in Havana. It’s not just a photo Safari is also a vacation. If you’re interested in going to Cuba please contact Eric Norber at 321-226-9437 or Info@CulturalContrast.org

Our next trip to CUBA!!

Our next trip to CUBA!!

Aviation Photography

Recently, I had the privilege of photographing an amazing jet.  Being a pilot, I have a special interest in aviation photography. Photographing interiors of jets can be very challenging. Below are some images that I recently did of a Cessna CJ two jet at the Sanford International Airport.ELJ_027_resize

We used a total of six lights and a couple flashlights to light the interior of the jet.

ELJ_047_resizeThis is a six passenger jet with lots of room to relax.  Beautiful leather seats and it even has wifi.

ELJ_080_resize This jet has all the latest avionics available and will fly over 440 kph.

ELJ_148_resize The owner next to his favorite car and plane.


Learjet_041_resizeJust a gorgeous aircraft.

If you know of anybody who is in need of aviation photography, I would appreciate the referral. I have photographed many aircrafts including jets, twin-engine aircraft, and helicopters.

John Unrue



3D Photography in New Hampshire

I had a wonderful time this summer in New Hampshire.  What a beautiful state and I visited with friends, who gave me the grand tour.  I brought my 3D Photography system and was able to capture some wonderful scenes.  To see the work please put on a pair of 3D glasses.  If you don’t have a pair, just go to my site and register and I’ll send you a FREE pair in the mail.


An Early Morning Wedding

I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding with Heather & Shanna of Weddings Unique the other day and the thing that really made it different was, the ceremony was at 10:30am.  I photographed about 1000 weddings in my career and I have never photographed one the the morning.  It was great getting home and having dinner with my beautiful wife.

Raining Roses did an amazing job on the flowers.

The reception was at Mountain Lake.

Thank you to Maria and Matthew.

My Updated Website Is Live!!

My Website Has A New Look!!

I have finished updating my website and is very excited about the results. The most exciting new feature is “Wedding Styles”. Different styles for different tastes. The three styles are Classic, Documentary and Post Art.


Film!!  Okay, I love film; the problem is the film I used to like to shoot is not manufactured any longer.  Classic photographic images have little to no retouching. These are the iconic images that have been around for years. Minimal Photoshop or post image software is used and what you see is what you get. Sharp, clear, accurate color images, that represents you, your emotions and your life. Weddings that are occurring during the day and have well lit receptions are necessary to capture this style.  Fortunately, I’m also a commercial photographer and I know how to add artificial light to aid in capturing this soft natural look.


This is a non-invasive, fly on a wall, type of photography. We document your day as a journalist would document any other event. I love black and white images, because color can sometimes get in the way of captured memories and can distract the story of the image.  If you like the style and color, no problem, just let me know and we can process your images in color.  We have been doing this type of photography since the mid-1990. There a lot of photographers who claim they do this type of work however; many are just posed candid photographs and not true journalism. You will hardly even know we were there. In fact, one of the best compliments I ever had was from the mother of a bride who had called me on Monday, after her daughter’s wedding. She said, “I had a couple of friends call me and ask me why I didn’t hire a photographer, which I thought was funny because you shot over 2000 photographs and we barely knew you were there.”  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the ultimate compliment.

 Post Art

This post-production art has been adapted over the last few years with the inception of Photoshop and other image enhancing software. Personally, you can’t create emotion with the computer however; I like using some of the actions and tweaking to my images to make them more compelling. I do warn you that over retouched or enhanced images can look fake and almost cartoonish and it does date your photographs. Looking back at your photos years from now you may wonder why you had the photographer create images with over saturation or sloppy borders.


Finally, communication is the most important attribute with regards to us creating and capturing the best memories of your wedding day. We are able to combine many of the styles however; you need to let me know what you like or dislike, love or hate. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings.  If you love the classic look and would like some documentary images.  That is not a problem; we would love to create those for you. Please let me know the style(s) you love and we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Thanks to my friend Tim Kelly for shooting my portrait!

My New 3-D photographic Site Is Live

After nearly a year of research, trial and error, I’m please to announce 3Dphotographicart.com. It was a lot of fun developing this style of photography over the past 10 months. Typically, photographer’s create photographs on a  two-dimensional platform and to suddenly have to start thinking three dimensionally and how to capture an image that accentuates a 3-D look, was quite difficult.  Just click on the link below and let me know what you think.

Thanks to my friend Brett Culp who once asked me,”what kind of photography do you do for yourself?”  I never leave even thought about it until Brett posed that question.

Carly & Michael’s Wedding at the New Ohev Shalom

What a spectacular wedding. Carly and Michael’s wedding, on July 3, was at the new Ohev Shalom Temple. This was the very first wedding and reception at Ohev Shalom, which is located in Maitland.  Flowers by Lee Forrest Designs, did a spectacular job at the rehearsal and was held at the Orlando Museum of Art.  The wedding and reception were at the Temple the following day.  Catering was by Arthur’s and the food was amazing.

Orlando Museum of Art
and the Rehearsal Dinner

Great Job Arthur’s!!

The very first couple to be married at Ohev Shalom

Ceremony Room with floral by Lee Forrest Designs.

Carly made her own programs

Love the ceiling!

Great food by Arthur’s!!


Go Gators!!!!

This was fun.  A Krispy Kreme Donut truck showed up for the send off.

Thanks again to Michael and Carly for allowing me to photograph their wedding. And a special thanks to Debbie Goldin who actually hardly to photograph her son’s wedding. We had an amazing time took nearly 5000 photographs and it took me three days just to edit it down to 2000 images. Looking forward to photographing more weddings at the temple in the future.

What An Amazing Motor Yacht

Recently, I had the pleasure to photograph an amazing motor yacht. This 70 foot Azimut Sea Jet boat was photographed on the Inter Coastal of Florida and the Bahamas let me just say, shooting yacht interiors is a lot more difficult than you think. Okay, I admit the five days I was forced to be on the yacht and photograph it was fantastic.  This spectacular yacht has four bedrooms, crew quarters and five bathrooms. It also has a Jacuzzi tub on the top deck as well as a barbecue grill, refrigerator and one the most important aspects of the boat an ice-maker.

This is the VIP room. As a queen-size bed plenty of storage and a full bathroom with shower and the best part, it was my room for the five days I was there. I know it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

The top deck barbecue grill and outdoor eating area and was my favorite place in the yacht.

This is the salon area of the boat. It took us about four hours to light and photograph this particular interior. It was challenging however, a lot of fun!!

This is the master suite. It has his own separate entrance from the yacht. It has a king size bed, large makeup vanity and a bathroom with a steam room.

There are many other features associated with this gorgeous motor yacht.  I have photographed hundreds of brochures for hotels, commercial, and home builders. And even photographed jets, airplanes and motor homes however, photographing interiors of the yacht was one of my most challenging experiences. We used many lights, flashlights and long exposures. The one thing I learned was, limit your long exposures.  No matter how large a boat is, it is always moving even when it’s docked..  Did I mention it was for sale? For a mere 799,000 Euros it can be yours.

Copyright 2011 John J Unrue Photography

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